High quality interior & exterior primer. Premium coverage with low VOC. Volume discounts will apply.


USE FOR: Drywall, Masonry, Plaster, Brick and block. Stucco, wet a small hidden area with a brush; If stucco loosens or softens use an Alkyd primer. UseAlkyd Primer on cedar, mahogany and other woods that stain.

Poor preparation and priming leads to uneven gloss, poor hiding, and reduced durability.


CLEAN UP & THINNER: Water. Maximum reduction for spraying is 10%.


TOOLS: Roller, Synthetic Bristle Brush, pad, spray. Use good quality tools.


SPREAD RATE: Up to 39m2 (420 ft2)/gal. DRY TIME: (@ 25°C and 50%RH) Touch 1 hr.,

re-coat 4 hrs.


PREPARATION: Patch and fill all nail holes, cracks and open seams. Sand all glossy areas. Remove loose paint & feather edges. Remove all Grease, Dirt & Mildew. Rinse well. Let dry thoroughly. Before priming, seal exposed knots and smoke damage with Alkyd Stain Blocker.


DIRECTIONS: Wait until patched areas are internally dry. Do not use below 10°C, or during wet weather. Stir thoroughly. Keep a wet edg

High quality interior & exterior primer.