Diathonite Acoustix

Premixed plaster to be used for the realization of sound-absorbing coatings, acoustic insulation of facades and partition walls. Composed of cork, clay, diatomaceous powders and hydraulic binder.

1.00 kg/m²

4.70 kg / m² 
Values ​​referred to 1 cm of thickness.

Tolerance: ± 10%.


15 days 

Value referred to a temperature of 23 ° C and relative humidity of 50%

20 kg paper bag

Diathonite Acoustix is ​​a sound-absorbing and acoustic insulating plaster, premixed, formulated with cork, clay, diatomaceous powders and natural hydraulic lime. Diathonite Acoustix is ​​used for the acoustic correction of facades and partition walls, for the realization of acoustic sound-absorbing coatings, for the elimination of the echo, the reduction of the reverberation and the noise of the rooms.

In addition to the characteristics of sound insulation and sound absorption, Diathonite Acoustix has good thermal insulation and high dehumidifying capacity.


Appearance : Powder

Components : Monocomponent

Sound absorption > 70%.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.60.

Sound Absorption Average (SAA): 0.61.

Theoretical soundproofing power (external wall made with Diathonite 5 cm + thermal brick 25 cm + plaster 1.5 cm): Rw = 59.0 dB.

Sound insulation on site (partition divider made with Diathonite 2 cm + Poroton brick 25 cm + Diathonite 2 cm): R'w ≥ 51.0 dB.

Thermal Conductivity : 0.083 W / mK.

Thermal resistance : 0.12 m 2 K / W.

Breathability : μ = 4.

Compressive strength : 3.0 N / mm 2 .

Density : 470 (± 30) kg / m³.


  • Excellent sound-absorbing capacity: absorbs 70% of the sound wave.

  • Reaction to fire: class A1.

  • Thanks to the high breathability, it avoids mold and condensation.

  • Contributes to thermal insulation.

  • Very rapid application system (application with a plastering machine).

  • Easily applicable even on curved surfaces and complex geometries.

  • LEED mapped product.

  • Does not damage between pillar and plugging.

  • Excellent compressive strength.

  • Applicable on old plasters