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Corkco Canada Inc. promotes and distributes Eco friendly building materials to all of Canada. Our products are created with honesty and integrity.  We will do our utmost to grow our business, and change the mindset of our Canadian construction industry by using Eco friendly building materials and preserving our planet using sustainable methods.


Our vision is to be Canadian leaders and suppliers of eco friendly building materials. We support this vision with the utmost integrity involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources ultimately, saving our planet and giving value to our Canadian end users.


At Corkco Canada we strive to provide excellent service by insulating properties from the exterior with a cork thermal material system.   This system can be sprayed on any dry surface to give it a thermal barrier including bricks, concrete, shingles, flat roofs,  vinyl siding,  metal siding etc. 

Corkco's sprayed cork system only fades 1% per year compared to paint, which is 10% per year.    

With a burn rate of 1600F, Corkco's sprayed cork system can slow down an aggressive fire and give people enough time to exit the property before anyone is seriously injured.  


  Applying Corkco's sprayed cork systems to any surfaces will give it a thermal barrier.  If your property has a thermal barrier wrapping then your Furnace and Air Conditioner will not operate as frequently saving you 18%-50%+ on your Utility bills.

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