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Universal primer for plasters and skim coatings.

0.25 kg/m²
30 Mins

Value referred to a temperature of 23 ° C with relative humidity of 50%.


5 kg plastic bucket.

20 kg plastic bucket.

Ready-to-use adhesion primer with granular aggregates for the realization of a valid adhesion bridge on the types of substrate commonly present in the building, guaranteeing an optimal adhesion of plaster of the Diathonite line, other lime-based plasters, cement plasters, smoothing compounds, tile adhesives, paints and other types of acrylic coatings.

Its dry film stands out for its good grip even on very smooth and impermeable mineral substrates. The product is single-component ready to use, it can be applied quickly, in one coat, by roller or brush.


Appearance : Liquid

Components : Monocomponent

Adhesion on cementitious substrates > 4.0 N / mm 2 (excellent)

Adhesion on wood > 4.0 N / mm 2 (excellent)

Adhesion on metal > 4.0 N / mm2 (excellent)

Adhesion on glass > 4.0 N / mm 2 (excellent)

Adhesion system Aquabond + Diathonite Evolution on cork panel : 85.5 N (good)


  • Ease and speed of application (applies in one hand).

  • Elasticity and durability.

  • Excellent adhesion even on polystyrene sheets.

  • Quick drying.

  • Ready to use (the aggregates are perfectly in solution).

  • Optimize construction times.

  • Solvent-free product. Neither toxic nor inflammable.

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