Argacem HP

Smoothing smoothing skim coat for finishing external and internal plasters, ideal for plastering made in Diathonite.

1.4 kg/m²

± 10%. Value referred to 1 mm thickness. 
4.2 kg / m 2 ± 10% for 3 mm of thickness on the plasters of the Diathonite line.

7 Days

Value referred to a temperature of 20 ° C and relative humidity of 40%

25 kg paper bag.

Finishing powder in powder form based on natural raw materials such as hydrated lime, natural fillers, and pure calcareous mineral aggregates. These raw materials give the product antibacterial and vapor permeability properties. The product is ideal to apply even in high thicknesses and guarantees an excellent level of coverage of the substrate.


Appearance : Powder

Components : Monocomponent

Thermal conductivity:  ≤ 0.2 W / mK

Granulometry: 0 - 0.6 mm

Reaction to fire : class A1

Breathability : μ≤15

Average compressive strength after 28 days 3.50 N / mm 2


  • In combination with the plasters of the Diathonite line, it guarantees excellent thermo-hygrometric comfort.

  • Applicable in high thickness to obtain a flat and regular surface.

  • Excellent breathability and workability.

  • High coverage of possible defects or cracks in the substrate.

  • Versatility of use.

  • Prevents mold formation thanks to the antibacterial function of lime.

  • Natural raw materials.

  • Excellent aesthetic appearance.

  • CE marked.