Finishing skim coat lightened with thermal mineral fillers and natural microfibres

1.2 kg/m²

± 10%. Value referred to 1 mm thickness. 
3.6 kg / m 2 ± 10% for 3 mm of thickness on the plasters of the Diathonite line.

7 Days

Value referred to a temperature of 23 ° C and relative humidity of 50%

25 kg paper bag.

Finishing skim coat lightened with extremely fine expanded mineral fillers with a microporous internal structure that give the product an exceptional lightness and thermal insulation power. The right grain size range, the microfibrorin forced matrix and the use of specific additives guarantee high workability during drafting and excellent adhesion to the substrates. 


Appearance : Powder

Components : Monocomponent

Thermal conductivity  λ = 0.128 W / mK (category T2).

Breathability μ ≤ 15.

Reaction to fire : class A1.

Average compression resistance at 28 days ≥ 15 (class R2).


  • Thermal properties and high vapor permeability.

  • Natural raw materials, harmless to the environment and to human health.

  • Fiber-reinforced smoothing compound with non-toxic and ecological natural microfibres.

  • Prevents mold formation thanks to the antibacterial function of lime.