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Concrete sealing,  water prevention, renovation , DIY product, LEED Certified

Ecological water repellent, transparent and breathable for exposed walls. Non-harmful for the environment and for health.

0.50 l/m²

Value referred if applied over medium absorbent support.
If used over low absorbent support the coverage is 0,30 l/m2.
If used over high absorbent support the coverage is 0,70 l/m2.

Value referred to 20°C and 40% relative humidity.
Concrete sealing,  water prevention, renovation , DIY product
Concrete sealing,  water prevention, renovation , DIY product
Concrete sealing,  water prevention, renovation , DIY product
5 l plastic bucket

Colourless water repellent coating, water-based, natural and ecological, suitable to protect absorbent surfaces such as bricks, stoned, cement, etc... from wind driven rain infiltration.  It does not alter the colour of the masonry, it protects from ice, it blocks damp, it allows the evaporation of water and it can be used also on slightly wet materials.  Compared to traditional solvent-based solutions, our concrete sealer is a completely water based product, not dangerous for environment and health, both during application and curing.


Aspect: Liquid

Components: One-component

Breathability: μ=7

Weathering test resistance: 1680 hours without remarkable changes

UV rays resistance: 680 hours without remarkable changes


  • 100% water based: ecological, natural, not dangerous for health 

  • Do-it-yourself 

  • Long lasting water repellency 

  • Permeable to water vapour 

  • It does not alter the colour of the masonry 

  • It improves the thermal performance of the wall over which it is applied because it protects the wall from water absorption and humidity 

  • It avoids efflorescences and moulds on masonry

Concrete sealing,  water prevention, renovation , DIY product

Corkco BKK eco Concrete Sealers are unique and the best way to protect your exterior property froms now, rain and winds damage. Traditional concrete sealers would not be environmentally friendly and most of the times change the color of the surface when applied. Corkco BKK eco concrete sealers are non-harmful for the environment and for health. They are water-resistant, breathable for exposed walls and transparent.


Most of the traditional concrete sealers are not as effective as this one and tend to diminish after duration but that would not be the case with Corkco’s BKK eco concrete sealers. The sealer that comes from Corkco is colorless water repellent coating that would get easily absorbed in the surface. It can be used effectively for surfaces like bricks, stones, cement, etc. Compared to traditional concrete sealers Corkco concrete sealers are water based and harmless to health and environment on application as well as curing.


Advantages of Using Corkco Concrete Sealers:


  • Corkco BKK eco concrete sealers enhance the thermal protection of walls. These sealers would not allow water or humidity to be absorbed from the walls or surface. Additionally, it allows easy water evaporation.


  • You would not need any expert or professional help to use this concrete sealer as you can easily do it yourself.


  • BKK eco is 100% water based making it natural, safe for health and environment.


  • You would not need to worry about the color change of masonry as it does not change colour of surface on application.


  • Corkco BKK eco concrete sealer would keep molds and efflorescenceaway from the surface.


If you want to increase durability and longevity of your property it would be a wise choice to invest in Corkco’s BKK eco concrete sealers. Either you are an individual looking for solutions to increase life of your walls or a contractor looking forward to meet the client requirements. Corkco’s BKK eco concrete sealers are a great choice of sealers over traditional sealers. If you are looking for a concrete sealer for your existing structures and want a simple easy to use as well as effective solution Corkco is here at your rescue. It can be used easily by self without any health damage. Corkco BKK eco concrete sealer can also be applied to slightly wet surface without any major issues.

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