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Cork Spray

Corkco Cork Thermal Decoration

Corkco thermal decoration comprises of external cork spray and interior cork designs. We have a range of sprays that are eco-friendly and easy to use. There are a lot more benefits of using cork sprays instead of traditional paints for the structures.

Corkco Exterior Cork Spray

Exterior cork spray has superior color finishing. These sprays are ecologically prepared with water-based resins and accurately selected cork. These are breathable sprays and have benefits of thermal insulations. These sprays would resist extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures and keep the home or office at suitable temperatures.

Cork exterior sprays are breathable and also sound absorbing. You would not need to worry about issues like echo and extra noise production once you have these sprays on your walls. Cork sprays are also water resistant and would not mess away or fade with water contacts. This makes them suitable for interior and exterior walls equally. It is a unique and beautiful addition to cork thermal decoration materials from our company.

Cork sprays are also elastic and would not create cracks. These sprays resist mold and fungus and ensure additional hygiene for the walls. Cork sprays are resistant to UV rays and other weathering agents that may tend to harm finishing of walls. They are easy to use and can be easily used with the help of trowel or traditional hopper gun.

Corkco Cork Designs

Our cork designs are innovative, eco-friendly and decorative coating made with water-resins and cork inserts. They are best suitable for creating decorative effects. Cork designs can be used in with many types of interior materials like plasters, synthetic materials, wood and metals, etc. These are breathable and water repellent designs. Our designs are easy and fast to apply. These designs are LEED accredited and exhibit excellent aesthetic effect.

Corkco cork designs can be used with variety of creative ideas and would create and exquisite ambience of the area.

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