Oriplast Reflex

Waterproofing and ultra-reflective coating, resistant to stagnation and flexible to cold. It guarantees the reflection of the sun's rays, decreasing the temperature of the support on which it is applied. It is applied on bituminous or slated sheaths, concrete surfaces, wood and polyurethane panels.

2.0 kg/m²

Value referred to use as waterproofing.

Used as a coating, consumption is equal to 1.0 kg / m 2 .

5 h

Value referred to a temperature of 23 ° C and relative humidity 50%.


5 kg plastic bucket.

20 kg plastic bucket.

Waterproofing and liquid coating formulated with special water-based synthetic resins. It guarantees the reflection of the sun's rays, decreasing the temperature of the support on which it is applied, favoring a considerable energy saving in the air conditioning.

To be used as waterproofing or as an ultra-reflective and re-waterproofing coating for bituminous and slated sheets in good condition, supports in concrete, wood or polyurethane panels. Ready to use and suitable for applications on horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces.


Appearance : Liquid

Components : Monocomponent

Reflectance > 90% (excellent).

Solar Reflex Index (SRI): 102%.

Surface temperature difference bituminous sheath - Oriplast Reflex surface : 48 ° C.

Difference of external temperature - internal : 12 ° C.

Elongation : 327%.

Waterproofing in positive thrust : 7 atm.

Adhesion on bituminous sheath > 7.0 N / mm 2(excellent).

Adhesion on slated sheath : 4.3 N / mm 2 .

Adhesion on galvanized sheet : 1.7 N / mm 2 .

Slate adhesion : 2.5 N / mm 2 .

Adhesion on polyurethane panel : 1,5 N / mm 2 


  • High solar reflection capacity, resistant to stagnation and flexible to cold.

  • It contributes to the reduction of energy requirements for summer conditioning, encouraging energy savings and lowering the level of pollution in cities.

  • In unconditional buildings, internal summer comfort increases.

  • The reduction of the surface temperature of the roofs and the diffused light increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels.

  • It reduces the phenomenon of urban heat islands (Heat Island Effect).

  • High resistance to weathering, UV rays and salty air.

  • Applicable on bituminous and slated sheaths in good condition.

  • Quick and easy to apply.