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Corkco Mold Killing Primers

Mold killing primers are easy to use and Eco-friendly primers. They can be applied on any surface where you want superior mold resistance. Mold killing cork primers are made with natural breathable materials that are water resistant too.

These primers can be used for interior as well as exterior walls and they would give your walls an additional thermal protection. Primers can be easily used for new dry walls that are dry enough and does not get affected because of the primer application. One can run a test application to decide for any issues. Primers can also be used for newly plastered walls after 60-90 days of application of adhesive.

Primers can also be effectively used on painted surfaces and existing walls. All the mold killing primers are EPA registered protective coating safe to use on interior as well as exterior walls. Cork primers ensures killing of existing molds and mildews. It also prevents further growth of on the paint film and makes sure your walls will stay mold free always.

Cork primers can be used whenever required and does not require any surface preparation for use. These primers also bind surfaces. It would not take long time to complete the project of primer application as these primers dry quickly and works under any topcoats.

Corkco mold killing primers would give superior protection to the surface applied. These are made with high quality cork and other superior quality materials. So get in touch with us to get best quality mold killing primer and enhance the aesthetic values of your sweet home. We will help you out from all sort of primer requirements.

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