Single-component bituminous waterproofing paste, ready to use, characterized by the presence of polystyrene spheres that allow a thick application and give to the product a high covering and filling capacity.  The product is applicable with a smooth spatula in just one coat and it achieves a thickness of 3 mm.  In this way with just one coat it is possible to fill cracks and lesion thus creating a real waterproof smoothing coat.  It can be used to waterproof balconies and terraces before the application of tiles, thanks to the excellent adhesion bridge achieved with the most common adhesives for tiles.  It does not need a primer and is ready to be paved. It represents a valid solution for the waterproofing of concrete foundation walls, flower boxes and concrete structures in general. The product is single-component and ready to use and it can be used again even after the bucket has been open for a while.  Tiles can be directly glued on Aquabit using a good adhesive for outdoor use.

Aquabit Waterproofing