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Cork construction materials have stepped further in providing all round protection to your property. Cork spray companies are usually providing products like sprays, primers, D-I-Y’s and others. Smoothers are required to give even and polished finish to the walls of property. Smoothers are essential part of any construction and thus also play an important role in protection of property. We have come up with innovative cork based smoothers.

These innovative smoothers are undoubtedly strong adhesive smoothers that would not only even out your walls finish but would also add a thermal protection to your walls. They are elastic and would increase the life of your paints.

They are water resistant and would guard walls against any extreme weather conditions. It gives resistance from molds and fungus. It also gives resistance from UV rays and salty waters. Cork smoothers are also highly elastic that would prevent any cracks of walls.

It is made up of eco-friendly material and also makes your walls including exteriors and interiors breathable. It is also resistant to both low and high temperatures and would ensure your electricity bills are low, most of the times. Your appliances like air conditioners and furnaces would need to stay less active because of these smoothers.

These cork smoothers would also give additional life to your exterior wall paints and paint would last for a longer duration. Smoothers are easy to apply and can be applied with help of any type usual traditional methods of smoother application. Generally, other available cork spray companies fail to provide quality smoothers for customers.

Corkco’s have designed superior quality cork smoothers to give your walls beautiful finish and additional thermal security. So what you are waiting for?? Contact us to get desired services and beatify your walls with our amazing smoothers.

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