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Thermal Cork Spray 

CORKCO Cork Spray has excellent features of thermal insulation, sound absorption, breathability, water repellent and elasticity. 

Corkco Canada Inc. supplies and provides the best quality thermal cork spray with a wide range of  many other innovative products such cork thermal insulation, primers, smoothers, waterproofing solutions and DIY products. . 


At Corkco our goal is to provide a quality line of products, to our Canadian Market. Our professional and experienced team will work with you to ensure a successful outcome. 


Why Use Corkco’s Thermal Cork Spray System? 


  • Corkco's cork spray system is durable and is a combination of small cork particles mixed with resins giving it a thermal break.  Exterior paint has no thermal break and will fade due to weather and UV rays.  Cork spray fades 1% per year compared to paint which fades approx.  10% per year. 


  • Corkco’s  cork spray system has a slow burn rate allowing additional time to exit any premises during a extreme fire before anyone gets seriously injured.                                                       


  • Corkco's cork spray system  also helps in added value by saving up to 50% on your heating and cooling bills. 



Renovation contractors in Toronto trust  Corkco with the quality and durability of their products. Professional contractors will recommend Corkco and suggest using the thermal cork spray system.  Thermal cork spray and services can be obtained by contacting Corkco Canada.  We believe in giving only the best to our customers and will not compromise in quality of products or the application.   


Our objective is to provide the construction industry and customers with the best eco friendly products and the benefits of cork spray.  We believe in giving only the best to our customers and will not compromise in quality of our products at any stage of its making and applying. We will supply the best experience with this thermal coating system.

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