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A New Construction Material Finds Its Way To Canada, Cork Spray!


Cork Spray? What is it? Cork spray is a thermal barrier which is sprayed or toweled to any surface of a building, inside or outside.

The cork is harvested every nine years. After the bark has been treated it is sent out to produce cork bottle tops. The residual or left over cork is ground into little granules and mixed with a water based resin ready to sprayed or toweled onto any surface.

The cork has the thermal conductivity equivalent to wool. When sprayed onto a surface it will not crack or peel. It repels water and is mold resistant. When it is sprayed it has the same look as stucco. When it is toweled, it has a smooth finish.

Cork has been a favorite in the construction industry. We see it today in cork floors, cork wall paper; it is used as a sound barrier etc. Now we can apply it as a spray.

Cork spray is environment friendly and it is not harmful in any way. It is also termed as the greenest insulation material. Cork is one of the oldest and most environment friendly home building materials as compared to other conventional insulating products, which have detrimental effects on the environment over a period of time.

If you’re looking for a construction material with value by saving you 18%-50% on utility bills due to its thermal properties this is the product for you.

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