How Cork Spray Is Saving Old Houses

The crumbling structure is the biggest problem that any old house face. You will often see cracks and water damage on these houses. Along with this, the insulation of these houses falls apart and becomes very hot on summer days or very cold on a wintery night.

Doing any repair of these houses can be very costly and does not last very long. On the other hand, cork spray is an inexpensive element that can fix the crumbling structure of old houses inexpensively. Let’s learn how Thermal cork spray Saskatoon can help you repair your old house.

Why Cork Spray is better material choice for old houses?

Here are few reasons, why cork spray is a better building material choice for fixing old houses.

· The price of cork spray is very inexpensive.

· Concrete sealer Edmonton cork spray is waterproof.

· As a building material cork spray is eco-friendly.

· Cork spray is also thermal and soundproof for old houses.

· Cork spray gives a rich texture to the surface.

Can I apply cork spray on the new building?

Yes, you can apply cork spray on a new building. Many contractors are choosing cork spray as a durable building material for new houses. The coating of cork spray lasts a very long time without any maintenance. Hence, these houses crumble a lot less than other houses.

Cork spray does not catch mold and mildew. This material is also stretchable and can withstand the thermal expansion of the buildings. Due to their breathable property, it doesn’t allow crack formation on the walls and roof. For years, these houses will be able to maintain their aesthetic beauty as new.

Available colors of Cork spray

The available colors for Concrete sealer Edmonton cork spray are creamy and white. You can easily add other colors to it and choose different finishes. Many people choose brown or deep colors for exterior cork spray coating. On the other hand, for the interior, most people prefer bright and light color cork spray coating.

At the time of color selection, you can discuss the matter with your building contractor or interior decorator. The colors used with cork spray are very durable. They do not get fed away easily by sunlight and last for generations to come.

Application of Cork Spray

Cork spray is available in different forms of building material. The most common form of cork spray you will find in the market is Venetian Plaster. It is a lime foundation wall finish with a coarse texture. Other variants of cork spray popular in the market are Acriflex, Watstop, and Aquabit waterproofing cork spray.

Cork spray can also be applied as smoother. A fine grade of corks is used for smoother making. ArgaTherm, Argacem HP, Argacem Neutro are popular variants of cork spray. On the other hand, cork thermal insulation maintains the optimal temperature inside the house. Thermal cork spray Saskatoon brand has made available in the market with Diathonite Evolution, Diathonite Deumix, and Diathonite Acoustix name.

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