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What Is The Benefit Of Cork?

Cork Spray

Did you know that cork actually comes from trees that are primarily grown in the regions of Portugal, Spain, southern France, Italy and North Africa?

Did you know that the cork bark on the trees act as a natural protective shield against any fires that may affect the natural landscape of that country. Not to say that they do not get burned, but they are naturally protected by the bark allowing only a scorching to occur. Talk about self-preservation capabilities!

Did you know that the actual cork material itself is like no other, natural or man-made? It is light weight, rot resistant, fire resistant, soft to the touch, and expansive as well as comparable. It is very durable, and provides for good insulating having a low conductivity rate for heat, noise and vibrations. Cork is also an ideal material for all building products such as walls, floors, spray on wall coverings etc.

Did you know that cork is a 100% sustainable and renewable natural resource? The cork is removed in large sections from the cork oak tree by a sharp metal wedge type tool and peeled away by hand. Once this section has been harvested, that tree will be left to regrow the same bark area for 9 to 10 years and then re-harvested again and again.

Did you know that one single tree can live for approximately 200 years and is capable of producing well over 500 lbs of raw materials.

Did you know that it is the pockets of air within the tree bark itself that give the material a spongy feeling when walking on it? They never collapse providing you with resiliency under foot.

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