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Why every cork spray isn't equal ?

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Doing a major renovation is a big decision and it comes with an expensive price tag. We think it’s a great way to increase the value of your biggest investment but there is a concern with the process that people take and how they choose their contractor and/or materials.

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Most people gather several estimate from a verity of contractors and most homeowners go with the lowest estimate because it will save them some money on their biggest investment. We think that this is one of the biggest mistake that someone can do when choosing a contractor or construction products.

The other mistake that most people do when doing a major renovation, they choose cheap building materials, thinking that all building materials are the same. This is far from the truth. Not all flooring is the same, not all insulation is the same, not all concrete is the same. This even goes for the cork spray.

There are several manufacturers in Europe & South America that make a superior cork spray. Now I'm hearing that there is a company in Toronto that is taking cork and adding it to paint and calling it cork

Cork Spray

spray. This is not cork spray, their product is paint with cork added. Real cork spray is not cheap to manufacture , it is a superior product. It's fascinating to us how some people in Canada can do this and think they are selling a valuable product to the end users. The cork spray that is coming from Europe is by far one of the most innovative products that we have ever seen in the Canadian market.

Make sure when buying products for a renovation, interior or exterior, to make sure where it is made and how it is made. Going cheap upfront on construction materials can cost you more in the future.

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