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Exterior Siding: Out Dated And Not Cost Efficient.

It seems as though every other house or commercial building in the City of Toronto is doing a renovation. Many of the buildings in our city are either very old or run down not to mention building materials in north America are behind its time compared to Europe. Todays contractors need to be more informed in order to advise or suggest what’s new or what a better alternative for their renovation is. Educating our customers and offering better alternatives in order that the customer has an option when it comes to picking their building materials, should be first priority. People want things to last or be more efficient. The consumer needs to become more knowledgeable when hiring a contractor. A good contractor needs to educate the consumer and help them to decide what product or building material is right for them. Contractors spend a lot of time in retail outlets that sell building materials and they see product all the time. Contractors also speak to other contracts and share their insights on building materials. Contractors should be passing this information on to their clients.

Let’s look at siding; siding is most popular with exterior renovations mostly because of its price points but, does siding really have any value or benefits other than price?? No it doesn’t, actually it has one. It allows the building to properly breath, which is a very important feature but, other than that, it doesn’t really do anything else except for saving money on the cost of material. One could save money on the initial cost of material but, lose money on electrical bill because it doesn’t insulate properly. Does it really save you money?? Upfront it does, long term it cost you more, in addition, siding is harmful to the environment long term.

When I think of siding I think of my grandparents’ place that has old metal siding, it makes the house look dated. Maybe at one time it looked great however, there are new products always coming into the construction industry that have a more up-to-date look and can be cost efficient. People just need to do their homework when deciding what product to use. It is right up there with choosing the right contractor. A good contractor should be educating you or making recommendations so that you can make an educated decision.

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