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Why the average Homeowner should NOT have standard Stucco


In the City of Toronto it seems that more and more people are using stucco on the exterior of their homes. Stucco has a very beautiful look, more pleasing to the eye than siding and some brick. There are pros and cons when it comes to Stucco.


Stucco is applied on Ridged/Foam Insulation to help insulate your house. The foam has great R-Value when installed correctly.


Stucco looks great and adds a modern feel to the house.

Easy to find a Stucco company in the city of Toronto


Stucco itself is cement and has 0 insulating value. The value is in the foam insulation.

Stucco cracks within a couple of years.

Stucco fades at a rate of 8 % - 10% per year.

Good Stucco contractors charge $8 - $12 per Sq Foot (it is possible to find less expensive contractors but, you get what you pay for) making it one of the more expensive exterior finishes.

Stucco is difficult to repair, sometimes making it impossible to hide. Most times you can see the repair and it can be an eye sore.

Stucco is not Eco-friendly and will harm the environment.

There are other eco friendly alternatives such as a cork spray product with high thermal conductivity (equivalent to wool) it will not crack or peel, it is flexible and has a fade rate of 1% per year, making repairs easy. Cork spray is eco friendly and is LEED certified. When contemplating repairs to your homes exterior, doing research on the different building materials can be your deciding factor when it comes to what is best for your budget, environment and value of your home.

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