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How Cork Spray is great for Pools


Now that winter is on the way out and spring is slowly creeping in, the impulse to begin outdoor repairs seems to want to run through our veins. When the weather warms and the snow melts we will take a step outside and do a site inspection of our property while taking in the spring sunshine and the warmth of the sun.

As we look around standing in the warmth of the sun we begin to take an inventory of everything that needs to be done, maybe feeling a little overwhelmed. Now lets face it there are things we must take care of every season as these thing cannot be left for later in the season or even left over for next year. Some of these are things such as seeding of lawns, tilling of soil to prepare for vegetable garden and trimming of shrubs and trees just to name a few.

For those of us who have pools this is also the time to open them and hope not have any repairs hiding under the cover. As we take a mental note we may see erosion due to the many hard winters that take a toll on the pool decks. New cracks appeared and old cracks have become larger, making the deck look worn. These types of repairs are ones that should not wait. The longer repairs are left the worse the repair gets. Repairs of this nature should be taken care of quickly and correctly. This will save you from repeating the same repair every spring.

Today, available in Canada, we want to introduce a product that not only looks great it's environmentally safe and will keep the deck surface comfortable enough to walk on without burning your feet. It come is many colours and believe it or not, it contains Cork!

The product is a cork spray. It is flexible and will not crack or peel and the fade rate is only 1% per year.

Cutting down on yearly repairs or maintenance around your property will be very rewarding giving you time to reap the rewards while enjoying your surroundings instead of spending the entire spring and summer working on it. Repairing your pool deck will be one item you can cross off your to-do list.

Cork Spray Toronto

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