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Corkco Canada: We Are Ready for Spring

Spring - Cork Spray

We are so ready for spring! Every day we watch the weather channel

. It seems like just yesterday we were watching the temperatures creep down below zero, into the minuses. Now we watch day by day for the weather to creep to the pluses, just waiting for digits into the pluses, as though the sign of sp

ring is around the corner. I’m sure I am not the only one forecasting our vegetable gardens and flower bed designs. Maybe building a shed or doing outdoor repairs to our homes.

Cork Spray

One product I am very excited to have applied this spring is cork spray. With the cork spray we will be able to create a barrier stopping the wind from entering, keeping the interior much warmer. Originally we wanted to apply stucco but we opted for cork spray. The cork spray aesthetically looks a lot like stucco but, unlike stucco which is cement applied to styrofoam, stucco will crack and the cork spray will not crack it is flexible and can be applied to most surfaces. Cork spray has a thermal conductivity comparable to wool. I understand that most people like to measure by R-value but let’s be logical, does wool have an R-value, no it doesn’t. We know wool is warm, it has a thermal conductivity of 0.056 and the cork spray has a thermal conductivity of 0.086, a little more than the wool. Our R-value is a result of Thermal Conductivity which is used in Europe.

Cork spray is also water resistant and mold proof, which would keep our coop dryer and as far as maintenance, it is easy to clean with a light power wash. The possibilities and benefits it would have to a house.

Yes, I am looking forward each day for that temperature to rise because I can’t wait to start my spring projects. How else could I use this fantastic product around my home?

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