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Eco-Friendly living with Cork Spray

cork spray living room

As the Toronto housing market continues to climb more people keep coming up with creative ways to be more self sufficient. Today we can see people installing solar panels on their roof, mills on their land, growing their own fruits and vegetables.

Now with the new cork spray people can be more efficient with insulating their home or property. Cork spray is a new product to come to Canada and is becoming very popular with people who have poor insulation. Cork spray resembles the look of Stucco and can be sprayed to any exterior cladding including metal. Cork spray does not have any R-Value like your traditional pink insulation, It has a thermal conductivity of 0.082.

I know what you're thinking, "What exactly does that mean ?" To get right to the point, Thermal Conductivity measures the rate at which temperature passes through a product. Lets take a look at wool as an example; wool has a very low R-Value (like our cork spray) but when you put on a wool sweater, it will keep you nice and toasty warm.

Not only does our cork spray help add a thermal break to the exterior of your property or home but, it also looks very nice. It has a very similar look to traditional stucco but, it has a soft feel because of the cork granules.

Cork spray

Cork Spray comes in a variety of colours options. When redoing the exterior of your home or property, colour is a big factor and having the option to chose from a variety of colours really makes a different. Our Cork Spray is a formula that requires special toner, unfortunately we can not just use regular paint to get custom colours.

Traditional stucco is a great way to keep your house insulated, but there are a couple of flaws with traditional stucco that will cost you more money in the long run. Stucco cracks because houses and properties will naturally shift. Stucco is basically concrete, and the concrete can not handle the shifting. Styrofoam is usually applied with stucco which is not Eco-friendly and comes with a high price tag.

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