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Keep Your Basement Dry and Safe

Water damage & mold growth is one of the major reasons of damages in any household. You may not notice it , but it can growing in every nook and corner. Under the sink, around the shower, on the shower curtain, and in your basement. Water and heat are the best recipe for mold growth. If you have kids in the house, or someone who has respiratory problems, black mold can make them very sick. Black mold is usually a sign of water problems in the home.

Since it grows in humid warm areas, you need to prevent its growth. Here are simple ways to achieve that:

• Look for leakage: Basements are the hub of plumbing in any house. Leaking pipes and basement flooding in Toronto can lead to black mold growth. Try to prevent it by fixing leaking pipes and sealing your basement to avoid flooding. One product that we recommend to water proof is Corkco's Aquabit. Aquabit is a waterproofing membrane. It can be sprayed or troweled on.

• Proper ventilation: Try to provide proper ventilation/air flow in your basement especially if there are plumbing units or water heaters. It will help in keeping the air dry and cool, preventing growth of mold.

• Stones for tiles: Natural stones are good in absorbing moisture and keeping surrounding areas dry due to their porous physical attribution. You can use them to layer your basement floor as well as wall. Make sure to properly install your tiles and use a membrane before laying them down, we recommend Watstop waterproofing membrane.

• Professional help: In case there is black mold growth in the house or basement, try to seek a professional before starting any construction. You can always reach out to Corkco Canada for advice on how to protect your property.

Basement Renovation

Mold growth can be very serious; hence, you should not take it lightly. If you see black or dark patches on your wall, contact professionals instead of removing it yourself.

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