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Aquabit - The Waterproofing Masterpiece

Aquabit is a one component bituminous paste used to waterproof all cement and concrete surfaces such as balconies, terraces, foundation walls and cement works in general in just one coat.

Aquabit, is one of the most interesting Diasen products. It is a mono-component bituminous waterproofing product, which is characterised by the presence of polystyrene spheres. It can be applied by smooth trowel, directly over cement or concrete surfaces of balconies, terraces and vertical foundation walls.

Thanks to the special formulation and to its high plasticity, Aquabit is able to realise a thickness coat of 0.5 cm in just one coat, able to fill and seal eventual discontinuity, cracks or irregularities of the surface. Once cured, the material is a highly elastic waterproofing coat for positive pressure, that allows to overcome the weaknesses of the traditional flames systems.

Aquabit advantages:

Easier and faster application:

Aquabit can be applied in just one coat by trowel or air-less, both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It does not need specialized workforce and it has lower application costs. Moreover, the application system drastically reduces the probability of making mistakes by the applicator.

Higher filling properties:

Aquabit is able to realize, in just one coat, a thickness up to 5 mm. In this way it is possible to fill and seal irregularities of the support; such as gravel clusters, irregularities of substrate, crack and lesions.

Lower application costs:

The application of Aquabit is simpler and therefore it does not need specialized workforce, thus its application cost is lower than traditional technologies.

The surface can be directly tiled:

Over the cured Aquabit layer it is possible to apply directly tiles using a good water based adhesive.

Continuous and elastic waterproofing:

Aquabit provides a continuous and uniform layer, without any joints or overlapping. Its elasticity and high adhesion to the substrate, guarantee the durability of the waterproofing layer, even in presence of cracks and movements.

Product ready to use:

Aquabit is a one component product ready to use, it can moreover be re-used after several days after opening package.

Safe application:

Aquabit is a water based product, solvent free, non-flammable and safe for the health of the applicator. Its application can be done without using flames.


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