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Pride week in Toronto!

It’s that time of year again, Pride Month! This month celebrates love in all forms and fashions, we at Corkco Canada support this 120%. Love is a beautiful thing and it is a shame that it has taken this long to celebrate it for everyone. Unfortunately, there is a long way to go as not everyone thinks this way but it is easier to fight a battle with love than with hate.

With the weekend being packed with events to support pride here is a list of stuff to do this weekend .

Trans March – June 23 @ 630pm starting at Church & Hayden St

Dyke March – June 24 @ 1 pm Starting at Church & Hayden St

Pride Parade – June 25 @ Starting at Bloor and Church

Below is a link to the Pride Guide

There is so much more being celebrated this weekend in Toronto, we recommend checking out some of these great events. Below is a link to all the great events that are happening here in Toronto.

Please enjoy the weekend but please don’t drink and drive! Stay safe!

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