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Why Cork Spray is Good for Regina, Saskatchewan

Why Cork Spray is good for Regina

Regina is a beautiful city and is the capital of Saskatchewan. Most people in Canada think of Regina as a boring place and we must say they cannot be more wrong. There is a lot of places to visit while in Regina or even if you live there.

Below if a list of a bunch of great places to go visit

Saskatchewan Science Centre

1) Saskatchewan Science Centre

Saskatchewan Science Centre host over 150 hands-on exhibits for people of all ages. It has a great stage to host live events and demonstrations. The shows display a wide verity of things from space to energy to wildlife. If you live or just visiting Regina we would recommend stopping by the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

Cork Spray Regina

2) Cypress Hills Vineyard & Winery

Cypress Hills Vineyard & Winery is a very popular location and has up to 10 award winning wines for you to taste. You are able to spend time walking around their vineyards and tour the different grapes growing. They also have a great gift shop for you to bring something home


Cork Spray Regina

3) Art Gallery of Regina

The Art Gallery of Regina was first opened in 1974 to show regional artworks. It was previously called the Rosemont Arty Gallery, a Non-profit Society partnered together with the City of Regina and took over in 1984. If you are into art we highly recommend it.

Cork Spray Regina

4) The Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum was the first museum in Saskatchewan opening in 1906. Currently this museum draw

s in 140,000 people annually. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is involved with the excavation of fossils in the southwestern areas of the provinces and it offers a range of programs, exhibits and showcases the natural, geologic, and First Nations history of Saskatchewan.

Cork Spray Regina

5) Saskatchewan Roughriders

Last but defiantly not least, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. If you are a fan a football and are in Regina, we highly recommend visit Taylor Field and watching the Roughriders play a game. The people of Saskatchewan are crazy about their team more than any other CFL team.

The people of Regina are good hard working people that live in a beautiful city. The City has a lot of history and great stories. We will warn you though, Regina gets very cold in the winter averaging about –40C. Making it some of the coldest temperatures in Canada. This is why Cork Spray for the exterior of properties in Regina is great.

Cork spray is an innovative coloured finish, formulated with water-based resins and cork. Cork spray has excellent features of thermal insulation, sound absorption, breathability, water repellency and elasticity. It is usable as a coloured finish for facades and thermal plaster.

It has excellent adhesion capability to any kind of substrate and for this reason, it can be used in many situations such as wood, metal, plasters, synthetic materials, cementitious substrates, both inside and outside. Cork spray contributes to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the walls to which it is applied, and it protects the structure from the absorption of wind driven rain

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