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Why Cork Spray is good for Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario... rewriting history.

Hamilton used to be known solely as the hardened " steel town " or " the hammer " due to its industrial make up, however that has long since changed for the better! Hamilton is a vibrant and strong city that reflect the passion, arts and culture of the people that call it home.

Hamilton is nestled into the Niagara Escarpment and as such harbors the title of " The City of Waterfalls" boasting over 100 waterfalls throughout all of Hamilton-Wentworth, like a queen wearing a crown.

This city is well known for its hidden gems such as our beautiful conservation areas, the long distance Bruce Trail, The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, which sits adjacent to the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, and the ever updating Arts District of Hamilton along the downtown core. Also representing Hamilton's love for the outdoor activities, fairs, shows and events is the entire Pier area in the north end of the city that has quite quickly become the " hub " of Hamilton's fun events!

The downtown core provides an awesome shopping district, arts district, new condo living, and the soon to be LRT ( Light Rail Transit ) without forgetting the newly established Go Train hub. Let's also not forget the James Street North Crawl, The Brott Music Festival, The Festival of Friends, Hamilton Fringe Festival, Hamilton's Greek Fest, Hamilton Music Awards, Dundas Cactus Festival, Winona Peach Festival, Locke Street Festival, all of which happen on an annual basis throughout the year.

Hamilton–Wentworth is comprised of multiple areas; Hamilton Mountain which boasts great shopping centers, amazing collection of restaurants and flavors from around the world.

Also within the same areas of Hamilton, you will find the Bruce Trail which extends well over 400km connecting the Southern tip of Ontario through to Tobermory in Northern Ontario

Stoney Creek is located on Hamilton's east side and is the gateway to West Niagara. This town has a feeling that is still very much a small town feeling while it's community and inhabitants boast a vibrant atmosphere that can be felt walking down the cobblestone pathways that intertwine throughout.

West Hamilton encompasses the city's own award winning McMaster University, McMaster Children's Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House and again even further conservation areas to explore. This area is a vast playground of not only knowledge, industry, conservations to explore but also great food establishments for the foodie in you.

Waterdown/Flamborough areas were amalgamated in 2001 into the Hamilton-Wentworth District, this was and still is a farming community that has seen huge change throughout the last decade due to the ease of commute to larger cities such as Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga straight across Hwy 5/Dundas Street.

Flamborough is well known for its small town feel, old world manners, and all that comes with living in a rural area.

Dundas lies to the west and in between both Waterdown and West Hamilton, providing an easy commute again to all areas. Dundas is known for the cobble lined streets allowing for ease of window shopping, fine arts, music district promoting new artists, and a multitude of conservation areas as well as a vast country side for the inhabitants of this beautiful little town. Again within this sleepy town you will find the Bruce Trails, multiple waterfalls and annual festivals that shut down the entire main section of the town for the celebration and festivities.

The people of Hamilton and surrounding areas are as resilient and hard working people, the city and industries are changing to meet the needs and demands of today's society. There is much history within the walls, halls and sidewalks of this wonderful city.

Being so close to the water, surrounded by bays, inlets and lakes Cork Spray is a perfect fit for both the interior AND exterior of the homes in the Hamilton areas.

Cork Spray is an innovative, eco-friendly construction material that is formulated with water-based resins and cork. Cork spray has excellent features of thermal insulation not to be confused with R value insulation but rather U value. Cork spray provides top notch benefits for sound absorption, breath-ability, water repellent and elasticity. It can also be used as a colored finish for facades and thermal plaster.

It has excellent adhesion capabilities to any kind of substrate and for this reason it can be used in many situations such as wood, metal, plasters, synthetic materials, cement types of substrates both inside and out. Cork spray contributes to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the walls to which it is applied, while protecting the structure from the absorption of wind driven rain.

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