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Why Cork Spray is an Impressive fit for PEI

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in both population and size in Canada. With its two main cities being Charlottetown and Summerside, along with seven incorporated smaller towns it is commonly known for its charming lifestyle of a small town while providing the residents all the amenities of big city living. The island was named after Prince Edward – Duke of Kent and Strathearn who was the 4th son of King George III.

Prince Edward Island is also known as the Garden province due to the geography; with rolling hills, woods, reddish white sand beaches, ocean coves and the famous red soil all contributing to the title of a province of beauty.

With this sort of topography, it is home to native Moose, Bear, Caribou, Wolf and many more large species of animals.

Temperatures within PEI fluctuate between –19 degrees Celsius to +30 degrees Celsius dependent upon time of year. Average snowfall is above 112 inches with the cold Artic air and mild Atlantic air causing massive temperature variations. This area is known for the many storms that it endures throughout the winter months, producing rain, sleet, freezing rain, snow and blizzards with white out conditions. Leaving the spring to remain cool until the sea ice has melted away come late April to May.

Just one of the most noted and famous stories with its author Lucy Maud Montgomery is a legendary figure among the resident of PEI with Anne of Green Gables.

Foodie's alike come flocking to PEI to taste/sample the wears of the local fisherman where you will undoubtedly find the most talked about lobsters and potatoes you will ever taste!

With great places to dine: whether that be on land or on boat to an amazing deep-sea fishing excursion, through to museums and world-renowned golfing there is something for every member of the family.

PEI is also home to the University of Prince Edward Island dating back to the early 19th century with its roots in its founding institutions of Prince of Wales College and St. Dunstan's University. The people of PEI are good hard working people that live within a beautiful province that contains a plethora of colorful history and some even more vibrant tales. With the temperature and climate that makes up the province of PEI, it is no wonder that Cork Spray is an impressive fit for Prince Edward Island. Cork spray is an innovative coloured finish, formulated with water-based resins and cork. Cork spray has excellent features of thermal insulation, sound absorption, breathability, water repellency and elasticity. It is usable as a coloured finish for facades and thermal plaster. It has excellent adhesion capability to any kind of substrate and for this reason, it can be used in many situations such as wood, metal, plasters, synthetic materials, cementitious substrates, both inside and outside. Cork spray contributes to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the walls to which it is applied, and it protects the structure from the absorption of wind driven rain.

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