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Why Cork Spray is a magnificent fit for Halifax, Nova Scotia

While Halifax is known for its maritime history this community is a colorful and exciting one to say the least. With a population of well over 315,000 people it is the central hub for all government services and major employers including but not limited to: the department of national defense, Dalhousie University, Saint Mary's University and the Halifax shipyard not to forget the various industries that call Halifax home – agriculture, fishing, mining, forestry and natural gas extraction.

With such rich history, Halifax was established in 1749 with the first European settler that started the colonization of the province. This area has been divided into 18 different communities which are further divided into several neighborhoods and sub-communities.

The city itself is known for its high walk ability particularly on the Halifax Peninsula in which roughly 50% of the population walks to work on a daily basis.

Halifax has also become known as Rainbow Halifax due to the overwhelming support given to the LGBT community. It is this same community that on a yearly basis sees thousands upon thousands of both locals as well as tourists and travelers for their Halifax Pride Festival as well as the OUTeast Film Festivals. The surrounding businesses, tourist attractions, and establishment owners have chosen to fully support this community to the fullest extent happily being known in TAG and Travel Gay Canada list!

History runs deep in this community with its roots in military and Maritime's; one of the greatest/worst disasters within Canada's history occurred in 1917 when the SS Mont Blanc collided with the SS IMO in the narrows between Halifax Harbor and Bedford Basin. This resulted in an explosion that devastated the Richmond District of Halifax killing over 2000 people and injuring over 9000 more.

Let's not forget the events and festivals that take place throughout Halifax year-round: the Atlantic Film Festival, the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo festival, Greek fest, Atlantic Jazz festival, Multicultural festival and the largest Canada Day celebrations east of Ottawa, the Halifax Pop Explosion, The Tall Ships events, Nocture Festival and Shakespeare by the sea as an example.

With a long list of attractions and tours to take the Halifax waterfront is always an energetic and exciting place. Along this boardwalk you will find the typical sailboats, ferries, cargo ships, and naval vessels but also included in this area are two wonderful examples of local design. Two NSCAD alumni are responsible for the design, creation and ingenuity of what has come to be known as " the two light posts" - one named " Fountain " and the other known as " get drunk, fall down ".

It is this same level of energy, ingenuity and excitement that has come to be common place within this community.

Halifax is also home to the world-renowned ale of Alexander Keith's Nova Scotia Brewery.

The people and communities of Halifax are good hard working people that live within an extraordinary city and province. The city has a plethora of history that come along with fanciful stories. We will warn you though, Halifax gets very cold and damp in the winter time. Halifax is a humid climate bordering on an oceanic climate with very warm summers and moderate to cold winters. Precipitation is high throughout the year in multiple forms. Winter brings with it a mix of rain, freezing rain and snow with multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

Snowfall in the winter is very heavy with the temperatures dropping down to a chilling –20 degrees Celsius and the summers providing temperatures of just over 32 degrees Celsius on average. This is exactly the reason that makes Cork Spray such an amazingly perfect fit for the residents of Halifax.

Cork spray is an innovative colored finish, formulated with water-based resins and cork. Cork spray has excellent features of thermal insulation, sound absorption, breathability, water repellency and elasticity. It is usable as a colored finish for facades and thermal plaster.

It has excellent adhesion capability to any kind of substrate and for this reason, it can be used in many situations such as wood, metal, plasters, synthetic materials, cementitious substrates, both inside and outside. Cork spray contributes to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the walls to which it is applied, and it protects the structure from the absorption of wind driven rain

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