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Cork Spray Exterior Cost; Depends on Quality

Cork Spray Exterior Cost

With the new materials prices can always vary because the different qualities of different products. There will be companies out there that will try to be the cheapest but you will get what you pay for. Usually when people charge the least you get the poorest quality.

Cork spray is becoming a huge product in Canada, however, there are a lot of companies out there that provide a poor quality product. Some companies use the poor quality of ingredients.

Cork Spray Exterior Cost

Many companies that provide Cork Spray don't provide adequate information regarding their products. Our cork sprays are made with the highest quality cork and resins. That is the reason we are LEED Certified. Our Cork Sprays go for

anywhere from $2-$3 per Sq Ft material only.

We take great pride in our cork sprays that is why we provide a 10 year warranty.

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