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What is Cork Spray and why is it so awesome?

What is Cork spray? a innovative building material that consists of 2 eco-friendly components. Cork bark and a water based acrylic resin. What these 2 materials do is they form a thermal barrier making buildings more energy efficient. This thermal barrier is an external or internal application of any home and resembles a stucco finish. Cork Spray and stucco look they same but are very different. Unlike stucco, cork spray is flexible, and it breathes with the house. It repels water and wind-driven rain. Leaving you cozy inside your home, when outside can be at its worst. It has adhesion capabilities which allows it to be applied to wood, stucco, metal, synthetic substrates and even cement

Cork Spray

substrates. So, you can coat it on to pretty much any house. It come in lots of colours as well so you can make it the designer touch you want. All product is backed by a 10-year manufacture warranty. You do not want to miss out on the new wave of eco friendly, thermal conducted, Cork spray it’s what the world wants.

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