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ORIPLAST REFLECX: The Benefits of White Roofing Membrane

Have you ever seen a white rooftop ? Not many have. ORIPLAST REFLEX is a product that can be used beneficially worldwide. It is a roofing membrane which not only makes the roof watertight. It also reflects UV rays. This formulated membrane is rolled on to roofing shingles & other roofing substrates, as well as metal rooftops. After being applied you can notably feel the difference in temperature. Not only that, you can feel a light rush of cool air on your hand when you go to touch. The outcome of return is less heat attraction and the essential double lifespan of the shingles. Saving you for years to come. The need to replace shingles as often is diminished, not only that you are now saving on heating and air-conditioning costs. When ORIPLAST REFLEX is used on a building or home not only does the rooftop temperature become cooler but the inside of the home becomes cooler as well. On those hot summer days, ORIPLAST REFLEX will leave you cool in your home with minimal air conditioning. Roll on some ORIPLAST REFLEX to your roof and see the difference it makes.

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