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Corkco Cork Spray: Benefits and Values

Diathonite Cork Render is the evolution of coloured finishes. It is not an ordinary paint, but a real protective coating made of water based resins and pure cork

Cork Spray Toronto

What is it?

Diathonite Cork Render is a coloured finish coating formulated by 100% water based acrylic resins and pure granular cork: all natural materials, easily renewable and absolutely not dangerous for environment and human health. It is a one component product, ready to use, available in a wide range of colours.

Diathonite Cork Render holds Diasen's knowledge and know-how about manufacturing cork, facades protection, living wellness and energy saving.

Which are the application fields? Protection and decoration of facades

Diathonite Cork Render is an extremely versatile material. It is mainly used as a coloured finish of facades or walls, whether new or existing. It's perfect bonding to any type of material allows the application on any type of support: brick, wood, plaster, metal, external thermal insulation, synthetic materials.

Cork Spray Toronto

Diathonite Cork Render is waterproof, thereby protecting the wall from the absorption of rainwater. Its high elasticity prevents the formation of lesions, fissures and cracks and can therefore be used for both restorations and new constructions. Its breathability allows the wall to breathe, preventing the formation of mould and condensation, contributing to the indoors health and living wellness.

Diathonite Cork Render is also characterized by high resistance to: weathering agents, UV rays, low and high temperatures and salty environment. It is the best solution to decorate a facade with any climatic condition. All the properties of Diathonite Cork Render's cork protect the wall from thermal shocks and contributes to the thermal insulation of the facade.

Coloured finish and protection for external thermal insulation

Thanks to its excellent bonding on any kind of support, Diathonite Cork Render is suitable as the finish of external thermal insulation systems, such as synthetic panels, natural panels and thermal plasters as Diathonite, the cork-based thermal insulator. It is not only a protection from rainwater, but it also does not crack, avoiding the cobweb effect that usually appears on thermal insulation systems.

Indoor decoration of walls and floors

Because of the wide range of available colours, Diathonite Cork Render allows to decorate with style and elegance walls and floors, creating fine artistic effects, in order to customize the indoors of houses, shops and also in combination with point paper and plates.

Realization of non-slip walk able finish

Diathonite Cork Render can be used as a non-slip walkable finish. It is possible to realize walk able paths, decorations on poolside areas, ensuring time resistance and soft, safe and non-slip surfaces.

Technical Features


Diathonite Cork Render is a highly elastic material: for this reason, it avoids cracks and fissures, even in correspondence of discontinuous materials: Diathonite Cork Render ensures the maximum protection and the perfect aesthetic effect through the years.

Cork Spray Toronto


Diathonite Cork Render is characterized by excellent resistance to UV rays, weathering agents, freeze-

thaw cycles, low and high temperature, salt, mould and salty environment. Its aspect and its tonality will not change during time, independently from weather conditions. Also because of these reasons, Diathonite Cork Render represents the best solution for the decoration of any kind of structure, whether it is big or small, nearby seaside areas too.

Filling capability

Diathonite Cork Render owns excellent filling capabilities too. If applied on surfaces with cracks or fissures, Diathonite Cork Render is able to perfectly fill and seal them. These features, in combination with the Crack Bridging Ability, make Diathonite Cork Render the best solution to restore existing decayed facades.

Thermal insulation

Diathonite Cork Render is a T1 Thermal Class certified material, according to UNI EN 998-1 regulation. Because of this, it actively contributes to the thermal insulation of walls. It also prevents thermal shocks, avoiding the appearance of cracks and lesions. If applied on the indoors, it avoids mould and condensation, and it contributes to the living wellness, keeping the walls warm and comfortable.

Protection from weathering agents

Thanks to its waterproofing capabilities, a facade with Diathonite Cork Render will not be affected by absorption of rainwater, which represents one of the worst causes of degradation of walls. Constantly standing dry and protected, the wall is warmer, taking advantage of the thermal insulation capabilities of the underlying system.


Diathonite Cork Render totally embodies Diasen's vision about green building: proposing different and original systems, safe for men, eco-friendly, that improve living wellness and energy saving. Diathonite Cork Render is formulated with pure cork and water-based acrylic resins. Cork is a natural and easily renewable material. Water-based acrylic resins are safe materials for environment and not dangerous for human health, nor during application, nor when the material is cured: Diasen's acrylic resins are totally VOC-free and also for this reason, Diathonite Cork Render is certified by the Green Building Council, and it contributes to gain LEED credits.


Diathonite Cork Render can be applied by hand, by metal spatulas, or mechanically, by hopper gun or by peristaltic pumps. The application must be done by crossing the two coats of the product. Generally, the application by hand allows to realize up to 110 m2 in a day. If applied by spray machine, it is possible to realize up to 600 m2 of surface in a day.

Cork Spray Toronto

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