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How To Protect My Kitchen From Mold Growth?: Corkco's Products


Kitchens are typically have high levels of relative humidity like that of a bathroom. Areas with high levels of humidity often may have problems of condensation with resulting mold growth. With areas like this it is very important to have waterproofed the walls that are in direct contact with water and/or condensation.

Corkco Canada products are elastic waterproofing, both for horizontal and vertical walls, onto which it’s possible to apply onto any surface including tiles or at least the finish coat.

water replant


A valid alternative to the use of traditional tiles are epoxy resins that are tested to be food safe and can be applied in the kitchen area. Epoxies that are food safe are a highly resistant, easy-cleaning, healthy, hygienic, functional and durable solution.

Mold growth and condensation in high humility areas can be solved by using our thermal paint that, increasing the surface temperature onto which it is applied, eliminates permanently that kind of events.

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