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How To Make My House More Energy Efficient?: Corkco's Roofing Membrane

Energy Efficient

Flooring of a building, both flat and/or inclined, can often present issues have related to water infiltration. Corkco waterproofing solutions allow a rapid and definitive protection of every kind for the flooring.

Damaged concrete

A problem with industrial buildings built in the past years, presents a waterproofing system based on the bitumen membranes applied by flames. It's out of date technology and serves several problems related to its durability over years.

Roofing membrane

Removal and disposal of old bitumen membrane is complicated with current regulations. The removal of the old products is a remarkable cost for any company who want to restore the coverings of its building structures. Corkco products allow you to work directly over existing substrate. Its due to combined use of adhesion and waterproofing systems characterized by high elasticity values. In this way it's possible to avoid bitumen membrane disposal costs, and to obtain the assurance of Corkco guaranteed result.

Roofing membrane

The combination of Corkco coatings and waterproofing products may also make the flooring suitable for many different uses, depending on the needs, making it usable for high traffic areas and/or transit. A solution that is growing quite quickly, especially in recent years is the ultra-reflective coating. This system allows a reduction of the overheating, due to solar radiation, on the rooms below the treated support. This system is ideal if combined with the installation of solar panels: recent studies have in fact shown that solar panels applied onto reflective surfaces, increase their efficiency of about 15-20%.

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