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What To Do With Water Entering My Home?: Corkco Waterstop

Some of the most common areas that we use every day like garages, parking garages, cellars, basements and elevator pits are areas often affected by water infiltration. The use of waterproofing products resistant to negative pressure allows to encapsulate and definitively eliminate these issues.

Family living


Let's not forget about cold areas, often adjacent to the areas previously mentioned. These areas are often the one we spend the most time with our families. This is the very reason it is necessary to provide adequate thermal insulation to prevent heat loss and uncomfortable living.

One of the best systems to prevent water entry and to make the property more energy efficient is CORKCO watstop. This product is a 2 part application, 1 part cement, 1 part epoxy. This product helps with waterproofing and add strength the structure. Corkcos watstop application is topnotch when have water and structural issues to foundations.

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