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How To Repair Warehouse Flooring?: Corkco's epoxy flooring

Damaged Concrete

Within industrial industry, the flooring is typically made of concrete with a epoxy coat on-top that overtime with the continual usage of heavy vehicles such as forklifts, and lift trucks can break down the flooring substrate causing leaks, cracks and depressions.

Warehouse flooring

Corkco products offer a solution for flooring in warehouses in the industrial industry, for instant and epoxies with sand to add anti-slip to the surfaces that will allow the expedited restoration of problematic areas and resumed activity for vehicles and personal transit by providing a very short drying time.

Warehouse epoxy

Corkco also offers coatings tested to be in continuous contact with particular substances such as oils, hydrocarbons and chemically aggressive materials. These solutions can be used for the protection of floors in addition to Corkcos waterproofing systems, for the realization of tanks containing these substances.

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