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How To Protect Your Home Against Nature's Fury? Corkco Canada Aquabit

Natural Storm

Natural disasters like floods and hurricanes wreck property like nothing else. Even the best houses are hit hard, and show signs of inevitable damage. After all, even the best houses cannot stand a chance against Nature’s fury. However, the damage caused by such natural disasters can be repaired.

In terms of water damage, Toronto is one of the most affected cities because of its geographic location. Water damage is a silent killer. It can affect hard to see, almost invisible nooks and crannies and slowly spread out and damage the entire stability of the building by which time it is too late to fix the damage. Therefore, right after any heavy rainfall, thunderstorm, flooding, etc., it is advisable to call in water damage experts to check how much damage the house has sustained, and fix the damage before it is too late.


The water damage experts use high tech infrared technology to find out exactly which parts of the house the water damage has taken root, even within the walls and core structure, and thus work on eliminating the roots. The water experts also waterproof with Corkco Canada's Aquabit so that the key areas don’t have further damage. Aquabit is a LEED certified product with the US Green Build Counsel.

Corkco Waterproofing

While fixing the damage, it is also possible to get a remodeling done at the same time to make sure the house is better protected against Nature’s next tantrum. Bathrooms, which are especial sites for water damage thanks to leaking inside pipes, etc., especially need remodeling and fixing. Corkco Canada's Aquabit waterproofing membrane is ideal for For bathroom remodeling, Toronto has water damage experts who can give the bathroom and trendy look as well and ensure that all the piping and plumbing and inside machinery and equipment are functioning well and will not mess up when the next hurricane or thunderstorm or flood hits town

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