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Want Your Dream Home ?

Dream Home

Buying your own house is a dream every person has. Big or small, everyone wants to have a home where one can see his or her family grow, feel safe, and enjoy every single moment together. It is not an easy task to get a good house on budget with increasing cost of living in Toronto and Canada. If you are one of the people, who bought their own house but haven’t been able to give it the home feel, why not do it by hiring a custom renovation contractor in Toronto or in your area.

Asses the amount you want to spend on a Renovation.

Credit Cards

Most people want to have a renovation done to their home to upgrade their biggest investment. In most case people don’t come up with a budget before starting the process of a renovation. If you're not familiar with prices of a home renovation, Corkco Canada recommends getting a few contractors to come in and build a Scope of Work (not an estimate) first, then ask them to put a price to that scope of work. This should give you a good understanding of what it should cost to renovate the area you want to upgrade.

Renovate after any damages


Not just newly bought houses but the old ones where you have been living for a long time or the ones damaged in storm or heavy rains can easily be given a new look by hiring renovation contractor. In the renovation process, you can make a list of things you want to be removed, repaired, changed or upgraded. Go around your house, have a look at every nook, and corner before deciding or making list. This will help you to assess everything.

Survey for assessing damage and charges

Hiring a professional renovation company can save a lot of time but plan to increase your budget. They can have a survey of the house done to find out the extent of the damages. Once it is done, the company will give you a deadline for the task along with a set budget. With no fuss and no mess, you can have a new looking home, safe and secure for your family to make memories in.

Tackle the black mould mess.

Most of the houses in Canada develop black mould after a period of time. It is not only dangerous for the family but can also cause damage to your house too. If you see the colour of the walls changing, getting dark or blackish, call the mould removal company to have \ a quick check up. It is better to be safe than being sorry. Hire these services now for the sake of your family!

Use Materials that have longer Life Expectancy

Most home owners think that if the contractor they hire meets building code in Toronto everything will be OK, that is far from the truth. The Building code (especially in Ontario) is very poor. Corkco Canada doesn’t agree with having drywall in the shower area and this passes as per the Ontario Building Code. Drywall in the show can cause mold growth just by moisture transfer from the tiles. Corkco Canada recommends using cement board with a waterproofing membrane. This will lower the risk of mold growth but doesn’t eliminate it. Our waterproofing membrane can assist with preventing mold growth or you can use the curdy system from one of the big box stores.

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