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Where is the most heat loss in a house? The Attic

Roofing Membrane

Home owners today are reclaiming every inch of wasted space in their homes, in effort to find that ever so elusive hidden gem of square footage. The attic is no exception, such places are restored and made into living spaces every day. Considering that the attic is an area directly under the roof, it may often present moisture infiltration issues, that can be solved working both from interior and/exterior of the building, using proper waterproofing systems.

At the same time, it is a place where heat loss is higher than other areas of the building, so it typically needs proper thermal insulation, that can be made using Diathonite plasters, screeds or Oriplex Reflex . Thanks to the low levels of thickness necessary to obtain a good insulation, the internal area (yardage) remains the same.

Roofing Membrane

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